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Question: Andrei, I will never forget the first time I saw you pay tennis here in Perth ( Australia) at the Hopman Cup. You had a match against Michael stich and you played some of the most awsome tennis I had ever seen. I will never forget how you took the time to talk to people and you even gave a ball boy your Tennis trainers, he was very happy. I would like to say you have been a great role model for all to follow Andrei, someone to look up to, well done mate!!!!! I have a two Questions for you Andrei, what was your most memorable match ? for me it was the one you played against Boris Becker at Wimbledon and lost in the Fifth - you should have one that one and maybe you could have gone on to win Wimbledon that year. Secondly you stopped coming to the hopman cup why was that ? Andrei thankyou, all the best for the future best Regards Richard Place.

Answer:Thank you, Richard, for such a nice words! It really means a lot to me! For your first question, yes, you right, giving ALL the circumstences together, the match against Becker on court 1, at Wibledon, was the most memorable. For the second part, I dont remember what were the reasons for not coming to Hopman Cup... because up till now I still think its the best stop on both tours. I actually miss The Hopman Cup.

Question:, Hello Andrei, I was born in Kharkiv Ukraine and I moved to Canada as a small child. I started playing Tennis here and I was wondering if it happens that I should be a good player what team should I play for? Should I play for Ukraine or for Canada? Ilya Branin

Answer: Hi Ilya. You better off to play team tennis in Canada, as in Ukraine there are not so many possibilities to do that. yet. Good luck.

Question: Hello Andrei;!!! Please give us some news of you!!!! How are you? How do you feel? Whish is your next tournement? We continue to support you... Bisous :-))) Stephanie Morel, France

Answer: Hi Stephanie. I feel ok, but my foot is not great. I will try to play a challanger in San Marino on 29th of July. We will see what happens there. and thanks again for your continuous support. Andrei

Question:,Hi Andrei! How are you? I'm a 15-year old girl from Holland. I think you're a great player! What kind of injury do you have? Could you send your autograph to me, please? I'll be gratefull to you! This is my e-mail adress: Thank you very much and I hope that all is going well with your injury. Many happy greetings, Brechtje Keulen

Answer: Hi Brechtje. I am fine, thank you. I have an old injury on my right foot and its not getting better in the manner that i hoped for. I will try to send you an autograph to you shortly. Thanks for your support. Best regards. Andrei

Question: Hi Andrei! I live in a rual part of the United States. I have watched many of you matches on TV. The only event close enough for me to drive to is the Masters Series in Cincinnati Ohio. Will you be there this year? I hope to see you there! Joel Roberts

Answer: Hi Joel. No, unfortunately you will not see me this year in Cinci. Hope to come back next year. Andrei.

Question: hi tere! It's so great to be able to contact you this way!I have been a big fan of yours for years!!!A while ago I heard you were thinking about retiring?What is the scoop right now????I miss to see you on the tennis courts.Do you still live in Monte-Carlo?Do you have any address where we can write to you? I will look forward to your answer.By the way,great site! Lucie from France

Answer: Hi Lucie. Thanks for your mail. Hopefully you can find all the answers in the questions above. As for contact, the best way to get me is right here on this website. Best regards. Andrei

Question:Do you know Jeroen Heinhuis from holland he is my tennis teacher, He meet you for years on the tour. He was a professional tennisplayere? Rick

Answer: Hi Rick. I cannot recall meeting Joeren, sorry. Best regards

Question: Hello Andrei!! I'm french.You are my favorite tennisplayer!And I hope you will continue to play for long ages..Do you think it's possible?For me, you are the best!!!KISSES

Answer: Hi! Thanks for the compliment. I hope it is possible for me to play a little longer. Time will tell. Take care. Andrei

Question: Hello Andrei ! It was nice to find web site about you (by the way - very nice Site) This is not so much a question, more some kind of invitation. My name is Eugene Tatarchenko, may be you remember me from our childhood. Sometimes we were playing tennis and were running in the morning at out stadium 'Temp' in Kiev. Life is quite interesting - You are living mostly in France, I'm living in Toronto and Sometimes on the South of France (my wife home). So next time when you visit Canada I'll be glad to accommodate you  . Say Hello to Kissa 'Natasha', hello to Ribke 'Andrei Rybalko' and of course best wishes to Svetlana Sergeevna from me and my sister! I hope that you'll be back at ATP tours soon. If you'll have a minute my e-mail is , Eugene

Answer: Hi Yegene. Thanks a lot for your letter and invitation. I will pass your regards to everybody. Take care. Andrei

Question: Hi Andrei! You're an awesome tennis player and good luck recovering from your injury and such in the future. I'm from Minnesota and am going to be a junior in high school this fall. I hope to play college tennis and beyond -- I'm training hard to become the best player I can be! It would be SO awesome if you could mail me an autograph to: Neil Koehler, 51431 Minnesota Street, New York Mills, MN 56567. Thanks a lot and the best of luck to you in the coming months!

Answer: Hi Neil. I will do my best to e-mail you an autogram card. Good luck with your tennis. Andrei.

Question: Hi Andrei, So it's almost July and I understand your 6-month ATP insurance is almost over. How is your injury? When are you coming back? ARE you coming back? Your army of fans is waiting. Best of luck!!! Fidel

Answer: Hi Fidel. Hope you find the answer for your questions above. Thanks a lot for your support! Its nice to know that so many people are supporting me. Kind regards. Andrei

Question: Andrei you said that you will start playing in July 2002? Wich tournament you are going to play? Lissa

Answer: Hi Lissa. Hope you find the answer above. Andrei

Question: Hi Andrei, First of all, I have been reading a lot about you lately on your official website and other websites relating to you and think that you are one of the most interesting and fascinating person ever to play the game of tennis. I really respect people who speak their mind and stand up for themselves. I hope that you will play in a tournament really soon. How have you been lately? Also, I would really like to play on the ATP tour one day and was wondering if you had any advice for anyone wanting to play professional tennis? What kind of exercises do you do? What kinds of drills do you do in one of your typical tennis practices? Adam P.S. Also, is it possible to get an autographed picture signed by you? Thank you.

Answer: Hi Adam. There is no secret on how to become a PROFESSIONAL in anything. Dedicate your life to ONE thing and work hard! Good luck. Andrei.


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